Engage! A Dream of Full-time Family Travel is Born

Engage! We're the Carters - a regular family with big dreams of full-time travel. We're setting off on a two-year mission to explore strange new places, to seek out a new life with less demarcations, to boldly go where we've never gone before. That includes building my remote freelance writing business - The World Enough. Join our family of three through the highs and lows as we leave our regular suburban life behind.

My name is Britt and that's my husband Britton. The little guy in the middle is Elim.

When I was eleven years old, my mother, my younger sister, and I were listening to The Beach Boys' "Kokomo" one evening in our living room. My otherwise practical mother had a silly streak and suggested that Kokomo is where we would go on our next vacation. My sister and I were delighted by this preposterous idea given we rarely made it past the Florida panhandle on any sort of trip.

We pulled out our hand me down copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica and searched for a map of the Caribbean. Ok, off the Florida Keys, they said...hmmm...Not there...We pulled out the world atlas from a heap of books in the closet....no "Koko"anything...

It was a small disappointment to everyone that Kokomo was, in fact, an imaginary tropical island and that we could not spend any moonlit nights there.

I often return to this sweet family memory as it was the first time it occurred to me that I could pick a spot on a map and go there. Over time, I grew up and forgot my excitement over visiting new places. This and other electrifying ideas were pushed aside for college, a career, and a traditional upper middle class life. My husband and I lived for the two or three weeks a year we were allowed to travel, allowed to pursue our shared passion.

It was not until the arrival of our son Elim and an exhausting year as a senior epidemiologist during a global pandemic that I realized my true potential in leadership and in parenthood. Leading a team of over 120 people through a crisis reveals everything - your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you value. I discovered I had the skills and the confidence to take on even greater challenges, including working with my family to radically shift our way of life to better suit our passions and aspirations.

Don't get me wrong! Building a business from scratch, selling all our things, finding work flexibility, planning a gap year, and parenting a toddler are not going to be easy, but we'll take it one day at a time.

Over the next two years, we'll be thoughtfully preparing ourselves for a year (or more!) of full-time travel as a family. With so few resources on transitioning to a remote or location independent lifestyle, I want to take the time to document this entire process so that others will have the tools and the confidence to make travel their lifestyle.

There's a LOT to do. Some of the topics I'll cover in this series:

  • Budgeting

  • Decluttering

  • Downsizing

  • Starting a Small Online Business

  • Remote Job Seeking

  • Travel Planning

  • Unschooling/Self-Directed Education

  • Mental and Physical Health and Well-being

  • Travel Motivation and Inspiration

  • RV Travel

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